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Let's Play RuneScape - Episode 150

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RuneScape. A game, hated by many, but loved by most. It doesn't matter if you don't play anymore, played once or twice, or still play today, RuneScape lives on with all of us. For some of us, it built our childhoods and created a strong nostalgia around it. I, am one of those players. And this is my journey back into RuneScape, for the first time in years.

Currently known as RuneScape 3, the most modern version available for RuneScape. Why exactly do I not title it that way? Well, mainly because this game will change a lot overtime. And while I may have started the Let's Play during RuneScape 3's phase, I may end it in a completely different version. However, if I do, and I do plan to, do a series on Old School RuneScape, then that would be titled differently and put into a different playlist. This is the playlist for this particular version of the game.

As a note to the previous paragraph, why is the Let's Play not titled "Blind"? This is because I probably spent 1,000+ hours playing this game in the past across more than 10 accounts. While a majority of the game I still haven't experienced, including all of the new stuff that's been added since I last played, I decided it would be easier to just title it without "Blind".

Okay, now for the REAL description. This is my Let's Play/Playlist on RuneScape. A game that I am returning to after being absent for many years. In-fact, the last account I played on barely had any time clocked. However, don't worry about me stopping and starting up a new account. Those days are long gone. The account you see me playing as in this LP is the account I will keep. My main, forever. But! I won't always be alone during this Let's Play, as I am joined by my dad often! Yes, we decided to start our journey in this game again together. While he won't be around in every episode, he will, at least, be around for a good chunk of it. We'll co-op quests and activities together on our journey. All while voice chatting over Skype & Discord.

ATTENTION: It's very important to keep in mind my Let's Play style. Especially with a game like this. I record EVERYTHING! Even the stupid, boring, repetitive, and bland tasks. Absolutely everything I do, including skilling, will be recorded and uploaded in episodes. I do have to warn you however, that I can get very loopy and start singing bullshit along to the music tracks in the game.

I should also point out that this is a "Willy Nilly" Let's Play. That means it doesn't have an end goal. This is just like, and in response to, my Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Let's Play. I will record this game every now and then, and hopefully continue to upload it for a long time.

The description will of each of these videos may be edited or changed over time if need be.

Recording Software: Bandicam
Headset: Turtle Beach PX22's
Voice Communication Software: Skype & Discord

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