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Divine 5 Ranked Games | Dota 2 Gameplay Commentary | MMR Climbing Guides Coming | Live Stream

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Are you CLQ? Used to be
Why did you delete your videos? They promoted toxicity and abuse.
What is your name? Leo
What is the Road to Reformation? I want to eliminate toxicity within myself so I have changed the name of my youtube channel to reflect that
But you still complain and whine all the time, what gives? Its a long road
What is your Dota 2 Rank/MMR? Divine 5 / 5600 (6.2k Before Medal System)
What do you think of the new MMR system? Divine 5 games contain large amounts of flamers/griefers and the condensing of MMR has ruined high level match balancing.
Why do you sometimes play on a smurf account? I do it to play core positions without having to risk the game being ruined because I 'took someones lane'. In Divine 5 there is a lot of competition for mid/carry but on the smurf im usualy allowed to mid every game because of my high gpm. People may argue that playing on a smurf account is detrimental to the game but for me its like playing deathmatch in CSGO to warm up. I also hope that my commentary can help people learn how to win games for themselves at lower ratings.
How can I climb MMR? What is the best hero to pick? I suggest playing mid heroes that have the ability to snowball, such as Storm Spirit. Meepo and Broodmother are also two heroes that are great for climbing MMR but they are highly specialized and take a while to learn. If you are a support player make sure to pick a hero that does well in the late game, preferably with big AOE disabling spells (Earthshaker, Disruptor, Dark Willow)

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