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Destiny - Solo The Wretched Eye Nightfall (Gold) - August 29, 2017 - Weekly NF Solo

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Destiny - The Wretched Eye Nightfall Solo on Titan for Age of Triumph. 56950 Gold Team Score in Under 30 Minutes Timer / Sunrise Bounty Completion - 8-29-17 / August 29th, 2017 Weekly Reset in Rise of Iron! This is 380 Light recommended. Modifiers are: Epic, Match Game, Exposure, Catapult, Fresh Troops. RIP Daybreak.

Repeating the trend of Year 2, so figured this still might be helpful to some if I do this weekly game play - a bit of a guide/how to solo the Nightfall each week. Will be implementing cheese spots where I can to show people how to make the fights easier - that's the whole goal of these weekly reset solo nightfalls; to show people the easiest way to do them! On challenging weeks, I'll show with cheese and with no cheese.

Did it on Titan this week even though Warlock is the weekly rotation, purely because Titan is my "main" and I wanted to have the last week of Destiny 1 start as a Titan. I'll be doing a run on all 3 classes this week considering it's the last. The last couple of weeks have been: Warlock (The Shadow Thief), Hunter (Nexus Mind), Titan (Fallen SABER), Warlock (Sunless Cell), Hunter (Winter's Run), Titan (Abomination Heist), Warlock (Shield Brothers), Hunter (Sepiks Perfected), Titan (The Shadow Thief), Titan (Wretched Eye).

07:53 - Boss Fight / Boss Cheese:

Cheese for this, in the boss room you can jump up on the rubble at the back right of the room and be safe from both the Ogre and boss.

Difficulty-wise, with the cheese spot and playing safer it's really not too bad. I played like an absolute careless spastic this run so I had a lot of closer calls - but it's not too difficult once you get a feel for it. I'll do a no cheese run on the other classes, and probably a no guns run too.

Weapons this week: Badger CCL w/ Explosive Rounds + Life Support + Grenadier, Void Ex Machina, Iron Gjallarhorn.

Apologies for last week and being inactive with the comments, had been busy all week up until now and never really got a chance sorry. I've read them all but didn't get a chance to reply - will be more responsive this week :) Won't be playing the Destiny 2 PC Beta as my laptop can't handle it lol, one day hopefully can upgrade to a proper PC again!

I'll also be covering as much Destiny 2 as I possibly can as soon as it releases, expect a -lot- of videos to come out for the first couple of days, even weeks. I apologize for the spam in advance, but I want to try and cover as much as possible and show locations for absolutely everything. My plan is to 2man level with an IRL friend, smash through all the content and marathon for the first 30-40 hours non-stop, so you won't see too many solo challenges on the first day or 2. Every mission/quest/exploration will be done with 2man to start (I know this is a little different considering I usually solo everything on here), but I'll work on solo challenges after the initial burst. Going to be great!

Due to the changes to Nightfalls requiring certain timers/enemy kills for the Gold Score, my approach will change a little in these. Rather than going fast and taking risks, will likely play a little slower and take it safe to clear all the enemies. I much prefer taking risks and going as fast as possible, but for gold medals need to adjust to that playstyle is all!

This is for the weekly reset 29th August, 2017. Aug 29th, 8/29/2017. 29/8/2017, 8/29, 29/8, 8-29, 29-8 in Destiny Rise of Iron / ROI expansion.


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