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Destiny - Solo Abomination Heist Nightfall (Gold) - August 1, 2017 - Weekly NF Solo

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Destiny - Abomination Heist Solo on Titan for Age of Triumph w/ Daybreak. 70825 Gold Team Score in Under 30 Minutes Timer / Sunrise Bounty Completion - 8-1-17 / August 1st, 2017 Weekly Reset in Rise of Iron! This is 380 Light recommended. Modifiers are: Solar Burn, Specialist, Exposure, Ironclad, Daybreak.

Repeating the trend of Year 2, so figured this still might be helpful to some if I do this weekly game play - a bit of a guide/how to solo the Nightfall each week. Will be implementing cheese spots where I can to show people how to make the fights easier - that's the whole goal of these weekly reset solo nightfalls; to show people the easiest way to do them! On challenging weeks, I'll show with cheese and with no cheese.

Did it on Titan this week as it was the weekly rotation for it. The last couple of weeks have been: Warlock (Sepiks Perfected), Hunter (Undying Mind), Titan (Blighted Chalice), Warlock (The Shadow Thief), Hunter (Nexus Mind), Titan (Fallen SABER), Warlock (Sunless Cell), Hunter (Winter's Run), Titan (Abomination Heist). Warlock will be next week.

09:03 - Boss Fight / Boss Cheese:

Cheese for this, the boss fight you can head to the far back right corner of the room and be pretty much completely safe from all enemies. Makes for a quick and simple boss fight.

Difficulty-wise, again due to Daybreak not a bad one. This week could be a lot worse if every room was Splicers, but because it's Hive spawns instead it makes most enemies painless with Solar Burn. Exposure is about the only annoying part, and it's why I killed myself before the boss to reset the shield. I also don't use Super in this run because of Simmering Flames + Thermite Grenade spam is pretty insane.

Weapons this week: Solar Vision of Confluence, Solar Ex Machina, Solar The Warpath w/ Tripod & Cluster Bombs

Due to the changes to Nightfalls requiring certain timers/enemy kills for the Gold Score, my approach will change a little in these. Rather than going fast and taking risks, will likely play a little slower and take it safe to clear all the enemies. I much prefer taking risks and going as fast as possible, but for gold medals need to adjust to that playstyle is all!

This is for the weekly reset 1st August, 2017. Aug 1st, 8/1/2017. 1/8/2017, 8/1, 1/8, 8-1, 1-8 in Destiny Rise of Iron / ROI expansion.


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